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Service-Oriented Architecture – Technical (SOA-T)

iSAQB CPSA Advanced Level

The technical aspects of a service-oriented architecture

Even though the public perception seems to revolve around microservice architectures, by far not every project and not every team is suitable for the package of microservices, continuous deployment and DevOps. Service-oriented software architecture (SOA) therefore still has a firm place in software development – especially when it comes to business-critical processes with high security requirements. Learn in our iSAQB-licensed training when a service-oriented architecture makes sense and how it can be implemented.

Service-oriented architectures (SOA) are aligned with business processes and divide them into individual “services”. An important focus is placed on the reusability of the components. The central responsibility of the services places high demands on an SOA, both organizationally and technically, but also brings a lot of advantages.

In our three-day training course you will learn to consider technical aspects of an SOA in a reference architecture and to solve technical problems when designing services and communication between services.

Training Contents

The curriculum is divided into the following thematic blocks:

Brief overview: Introductory SOA basic terms

Technical concepts in a SOA

Technologies and technological standards

Technical Service Design

Application architectures in a SOA

Tools in a service-oriented IT landscape

SOA case studies

Besides technical aspects, the training also includes organizational and social factors.

After the training course, the participants have the skills to:

Consider technical aspects of an SOA in a reference architecture

Select and use technologies for the deployment of an SOA

To consider technical aspects when designing a service

Master the technical aspects of service intervention

Use supporting tools

Credit Points für die Zertifizierung zum CPSA-A




iSAQB-Training curriculum


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08 – 10 September 2021 | Online Training | With performing guarantee ✔

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This is what defines our online trainings:

► Small learning group of maximum 10 people
► High-definition video conferencing and digital tools for interactive and collaborative learning
► Also in the virtual classroom the “as on site feeling”: Audio, video and screen transmission
► Regular exercises in large groups and breakout rooms – always accompanied by the trainer
► Didactically trained and experienced trainer
► No travel and accommodation costs


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