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IT Consulting for your Company

For companies

› Cross-sector consulting
› Enterprise Architecture Management
› Design, evaluation and optimization of toolchains

On the project

› Architecture consulting
› Introduction of agile methods, Microservices, DevOps
› Seminars and project coaching

actIT academy & consulting has a highly qualified Team of IT consultants with different specializations due to years of professional experience. By the corporate side, our focus is mainly on the Enterprise Architecture Management as well as on the design, evaluation and optimization of toolchains.

By the project side on the other hand, actIT academy & consulting is at your disposal for software architecture consultations. Particularly, we assist you in the introduction of microservice architectures, DevOps as well as continuous deployment including the conversion to agile teams. We advise you further on the architectural methodology and, if desired, supervise the consistent implementation of your software projects.

Our consultants keep their knowledge of technology and architecture up to date for you. We do our “homework” even before we become active in a project. This strategy results in the consistent work quality, which is already known by our customers.

Experts for your Software Engineering

  • Requirements management & workshops

  • Conception & Architecture

  • Container- / Cloudbased infrastructure structures

  • Test and deployment automation

  • Continuous Delivery

  • Agile Software Development

  • Reviews

  • Coaching, training, support in the company

  • Support in operation

Although we have clear preferences, we generally do not prescribe solution scenarios.

Based on our professional expertise and the project experience in our team, we support you in the design, implementation and integration of sustainable software solutions for your specific needs – from requirements management, design and architecture to testing, finalization and operation. We attach great importance to the accuracy of fit of the software in the application and therefore rely on close coordination with the client in all project phases, as well as on comprehensive documentation. Wherever possible, users should be involved in the development process as early as possible.

Although we have clear preferences, we do not specify any solution scenarios. Whether your application is to become a monolith, is structured by using services or implemented in microservices is decided by your The situation is similar with DevOps: In smaller, agile teams per microservice, integrated teamwork of operations and development can bring a lot of advantages. Nevertheless, for many companies it means significant restructuring and often conflict potential.

Whatever solution we arrive at, with our IT consultants and software developers you can count on quality, sustainability and long-term value creation.

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