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Dipl. Eng. Mahbouba Gharbi


Mahbouba Gharbi graduated from university as an engineer of telecommunication and information technologies (ENS Telecom Paris) and as an engineer of communications and data processing (University of Stuttgart). She has been working for well-known companies as a consulting software architect in major IT projects since 1999 and has a wide range of experience in the design and the implementation of medium-size and large software systems. Mahbouba Gharbi’s professional portfolio includes software architecture, system development, expert’s reports and lectureship for both the private sector and public authorities. Besides her duties as the CEO of actIT Academy & Consulting, Mahbouba Gharbi works for a large German public authority as a consulting software architect in the implementation of a SOA environment and heads the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB).

Peter Fecht

Enterprise Architekt

The diplomate computer scientist from the University of Hamburg has more than 15 years of experience in complex IT projects and architecture departments. His focus is on enterprise, business and technical architectures, especially for RESTful and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA).