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Software architecture training

iSAQB accredited training provider

We are an accredited training provider of the International Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB), which has a worldwide, standardized training and further education scheme for software architects.

The training program is divided into the CPSA Foundation Level and the CPSA Advanced Level:

Introduction to the world of software architecture

CPSA Foundation Level (CPSA-F)

› 3 or 4 days of intensive training
› On our premises or as in-house training
› As presence or live online training
› Certificate examination on request on the last day of training

The iSAQB-accredited training of Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level (CPSA-F) offers all IT professionals involved in software projects a comprehensive introduction to the software architecture as well as basic methods, techniques and tools.

Deepen your knowledge and collect credit points

CPSA Advanced Level (CPSA-A)

With the Advanced Level, the iSAQB opens the doors to a variety of specializations in the field of the software architecture as higher certification levels. At actIT academy, you can choose from a total of 12 two- to three-day modules and continue your education according to your personal interests.  In order to be admitted to the Advanced Level exam, you need to collect at least 70 credit points in the areas of technology, methodology and communication. The credit points are shown under each training description. If you put them together in the best possible way, you will have fulfilled this requirement with three courses attended. For further examination requirements and all details, please refer to the official examination regulations of the iSAQB.

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Architecture Documentation

› 20 CP Methodical

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Agile Software Architecture

› 20 CP Methodical, 10 CP Communicative

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Architecture Assessment

› 20 CP Methodical

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Low-Trust Consensus in Decentralised Applications

› 20 CP Technical, 10 CP Methodical

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Flexible Architecture Models

› 20 CP Technical, 10 CP Methodical

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Domain Driven Design

› 20 CP Methodical, 10 CP Communicative

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Enterprise Architecture Management

› 30 CP Methodical

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Soft Skills for Software Architects

› 30 CP Communicative

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Infrastruktur, Container und Cloud Native

› 20 CP Technical, 10 CP Methodical

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Evolution and Improvement of Software Architectures

› 10 CP Technical, 20 CP Methodical

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› 30 CP Technical

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This is what awaits you in our Academy

Open and in-house trainings on-premises or online training

Individual support from our team up to the certificate

Small learning groups up to a maximum of 10 participants

Didactically trained and field-tested trainers

Certificate testing for the CPSA-F is possible on-site if required

Including cold and hot drinks, snacks and lunch

Would you like to become an iSAQB-certified software architect?

We would be happy to advise you personally on this path and work with you to create a training plan that contains the right training for your professional career.

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