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Soft Skills for Software Architects (SOFT)

iSAQB CPSA Advanced Level

Soft Skills for Software Architects

Software development in companies is teamwork within responsibility and decisions hierarchies. This applies to classic team structures as well as to modern agile teams.  The importance of soft skills is often underestimated. “Soft” skills such as moderation and empathy often stand behind the qualifications understood as “technical know-how”, although they are an important part of them. With trained soft skills, motivation and pulling power in the team, making decisions, the daily work of persuasion on a small and large scale gains a new quality.

In this three-day training course you will practice in theory and many practical exercises to consciously, efficiently and successfully design communication in the context of your projects. You will learn how to conduct conversations strategically correct, how to make target-oriented presentations, how to moderate and solve conflicts in a team.  Self-reflection also plays an important role.

Training contents

Basics of communication models and types

Organizational and social factors

Conducting conversations (individual and group conversations)

Visualization techniques

Moderation techniques

Basics of conflict management

Reflection techniques

After the training, the participants have the skills to:

Conduct conversations consciously

Use visualization techniques purposefully for presentations

Moderate workshops

Recognize and resolve conflicts

To reflect on one’s own communication behaviour

Credit Points for iSAQB CPSA Advanced Level




iSAQB curriculum for training


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Open box for more information & booking

04 – 06 Oct 2023 | Nuremberg | Guaranteed ✔

2.050,00 € (plus VAT, if applicable less discounts)


► Small learning group of maximum 10 people
► Didactically trained and experienced trainer
► Drinks, snacks and lunch on all training days are included
► Including training documents and practice material


04 – 06 Dec 2023 | Online Training

2.050,00 € (plus VAT, if applicable less discounts)

This is what defines our online trainings:

► Small learning group of maximum 10 people
► High-definition video conferencing and digital tools for interactive and collaborative learning
► Also in the virtual classroom the “as on site feeling”: Audio, video and screen transmission
► Regular exercises in large groups and breakout rooms – always accompanied by the trainer
► Didactically trained and experienced trainer
► No travel and accommodation costs


You have a whole team that wants to attend the training?

Then find out here about our in-house training courses and contact us for a personal consultation.

– 100 € p. P.


until 6 weeks before the start of the training

– 100 € p. P.


for 2 or more participants from the same company

– 200 € p. P.


with 2 or more participants from the same company up to 6 weeks before start

Our iSAQB-accredited trainers for the training

Heike Molin

Heike Molin studied computer science and has already gained more than 20 years of professional experience as project manager, IT management consultant, executive, moderator and trainer. She has focused on soft skills training to strengthen social and personal skills, and agile training. There she passes on to training participants her know-how about an agile mindset, scrum, kanban, design thinking and agile leadership.

Ali Akbarian

Ali M. Akbarian has more than 25 years of professional experience in the IT sector and has been exposed to numerous industries such as financial services, insurance, government and banking. Today he works as a business analyst, coach, project coordinator and trainer for soft skills, business analysis and leadership responsibility. He is an active member of iSAQB e.V. and leads the working group for the upcoming certification level CPSA Expert Level.

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